The Insetta 45 catamaran was selected as the Official Chase Boats for the 35th America’s Cup in Bermuda. The America’s Cup has always emphasized innovation through advanced materials, construction, and design to create ultra-efficient machines, and our Insetta 45 reflects the same standard for innovation in its luxury-meets-technology design. Our high-performance catamarans feature the most advanced design, construction, and outfitting to keep pace with the impressive sailing machines participating in the world-renowned sailing competition.

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Insetta Boatworks’ Insetta 45 Selected as Official Chase Boats of the 35th America’s Cup

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3 hours ago

Insetta Boatworks

Get ready North Eastern US! Insetta Boatworks is headed your way! Watch for the Insetta 45 from Newark, NJ through New York City and making its way up to Newport Rhode Island around the 24th of this month! More info to follow.... ... See MoreSee Less

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Will she be in the Newport show?

1 week ago

Insetta Boatworks

Why an Insetta..? For moments like these. #insettalifestyle #offshore #luxurylife ... See MoreSee Less

Why an Insetta..? For moments like these. #insettalifestyle #offshore #luxurylife

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Such a great day!!😎👍

Simon, Sienna and I were fortunate to get a ride in a 45' Insetta today. This amazingly fast boat has four 300 horsepower outboards. It was one of the America's Cup VIP boats. Oh-my-gosh did we LOVE it! (Simon want's one now...) We haven't gone that fast on water in years... I think we went around 50mph and it was as smooth as can be. Sienna said it was just as fun as a ride at Disney World. Thank you Glen and Rob 🙂
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4 weeks ago

Insetta Boatworks

Team OSF wins lion fish Tournament onboard Insetta 45! #spearfishing #bermuda #lionfishtournament #insettalifestyle ... See MoreSee Less

Team OSF wins lion fish Tournament onboard Insetta 45! #spearfishing #bermuda #lionfishtournament #insettalifestyle

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Way cool!

Great job saving our bottom.

Good job .

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